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Born in Mexico, now living in Los Angeles, California, hot-blooded wife and mom Marisa Carlo makes her on-camera debut by tugging and sucking a stranger's cock and making him cum all over her natural F-cup tits. Marisa doesn't speak much English, but we did find out that she likes playing basketball and volleyball and likes older men. That didn't quite work out for her this time because Marisa is 46 and Rocky, the guy she's sucking off is 23. But she seems to be enjoying herself. Marisa is not a swinger. She's not a nudist. She's just a big-titted Mexican housewife whose dick-sucking style is so good, you have to wonder why anybody would flee north of the Mexican border. Although maybe it's because Marisa's now north of the border, too. Those tits and that mouth are worth the trip.
We're pleased and proud to introduce Trixie Blu, a 47-year-old newcomer from Cincinnati, Ohio. Trixie has blonde hair, green eyes, big, pierced tits and a very open attitude about sex. "Everybody picks up on me pretty quickly," Trixie said. "I have a co-worker who I got to be pretty good friends with, and I told him my husband and I were swingers, and he said, 'I know.' He had already figured it out by things that I'd said about going out and just my presence." Trixie was sent to us by Cali Houston, the horny lady who did a three-way blow-and-tug job with Dakota Riley elsewhere on MILFTugs. "Cali said to me, 'Hey, I've got a proposition for you. Something you might be interested in doing.' So she said let's do dinner and we'll talk about it. And we met for dinner and she started telling me about how much fun it was and she thought I would like it, and we started taking some pictures and sending them in." Trixie and Cali have done more than take pictures together. They've fucked together. Trixie and her husband and Cali and her fiance, that is. Here, Trixie is with a guy. She's holding the new Tenga 3D Spiral. "Nice little jerk off toy," she says. "Did you order it for yourself?" "Yes, I did," he says. "Maybe I should try it out on you," Trixie says. Sounds like a good idea. But first, Trixie sucks his cock. And then she jacks his cock while he fingers her shaved pussy. And then she applies the toy and uses it on him while he finger jams her pussy some more. But Trixie doesn't want a toy to do the whole job for her, so she takes off the toy and finishes him off with her mouth and has him cum on her tits. By the way, you can get your 3D Spiral now at Trixie not included. But feel free to come back here when you have your 3D Spiral-ahem-in hand.
"I'm a homebody, and my family is extremely important to me," said Cami Cline, a 41-year-old divorcee and mom who was born in Iowa and now lives in Florida. We don't know what her family would say if they saw this scene, but they probably wouldn't be surprised that Cami's a pleaser. She says things to her stud like, "Does that feel good?" and "Do you like how I'm sucking it?" and "Do you want me to put my ass back there for you?" and "Do you want to fuck my mouth with it?" And she keeps telling the guy how much she loves his cock. That's something most younger women won't do. Why? We don't know, and we don't care as long as there are mature women like Cami who are only concerned about attending to our needs...and theirs, of course. Cami, who had never had sex on-camera before entering our studio, is 5'8", 128 pounds with C-cup tits and a great, 34-26-35 body. She says she likes wearing thongs and boy shorts, and her most-memorable sexual encounter was when she had sex in the glass elevator of the Peachtree Plaza in Atlanta, Georgia. "I blew him on the way up. He went down on me on the way down." By the way, check out the load of cum that Cami coaxes from the guy in this scene. He coats her cheeks and chin. That means Cami's a great cock-sucker. But after watching the first 11 minutes of this scene, you might have already suspected that.
We get a lot of horny women here at MILFTugs, and we'll let you in on a little secret: The mature women who walk through our doors aren't here for the money (although they do get paid nicely). They're here for the sex. For the cock. For the thrill of fucking well-hung strangers on-camera for all the world to see. Their living out their fantasies, but they're also getting sexually satisfied. And that makes them special because young girls? A lot of them get into porn for the money. Not MILFs. And definitely not Heather Barron, a 43-year-old divorcee from Las Vegas who just might be the horniest, sluttiest woman we've ever met. Heather said she found out about us when she was surfing the Internet. "I was just trying to get off, and you had those free clips on there, so I went on and was enjoying those and thought, 'Why can't I get some of that? Why can't I get some dick, too?'" No reason she can't, and here, this big-titted redhead is getting all she can handle...but can the stud handle her? Heather is a voluptuous woman with big tits, big thighs, a big ass and a filthy mouth. "I want that big-ass veiny cock," she tells her stud. "I want that big cock in my mouth." She refers to her pussy as her "sweet little cunt." Most women don't do that; most women say vagina or pussy. She also says "finger my hole" and licks her cunt juice off his fingers. Most women don't refer to their pussy as their hole. Then the guy sucks her tits and she says, "What about the cunt?" So, although this is a tug job and blow job website, Heather hits the jackpot and gets her cunt eaten. And while he's eating her shaved cunt, she says, "That makes me wanna suck," which should be a lesson to all you guys out there: If you want your woman to suck your cock good, eat her pussy good. He fucks her face. She spits on his cock and lets him teabag her. She loves balls. That's obvious. She sucks his balls while he jacks his cock, then she opens her mouth for his cum. Heather, by the way, is the mother of four teenagers. "They don't know how horny and wild their mom is," Heather said. No, but we do: the horniest and the wildest ever.