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James has been sent to the principal's office again, but it's not necessarily going to be a bad day for him. "I'm the good guy here," he protests. "It's just that everybody else likes to fuck with me." "Playing the bad boy can get you into a lot of trouble," Ms. Shay tells him. She comes around in front of her desk and sits down. "There's a lot of different types of trouble you can get yourself into." To James' shock, Ms. Shay lifts her skirt, exposing a pussy that's covered b...

Starring: Charli Shay
Duration: 17:10 mins.

In a warehouse with men working in the background, 44-year-old Kay DeLynn of Michigan adds some spice to a normal work day by getting her pussy fingered in a place where anybody might walk by and see her, then tugging and sucking cock. "Anyone who knows me would be shocked to see me here," Kay said. "I am quiet, reserved, well-spoken and professional." Here, she talks about her pussy and the guy's cock in a very well-spoken, raunchy way that's not quiet and reserved at all. But w...

Starring: Kay DeLynn
Duration: 17:30 mins.

What does Rachel Steele do? Where does she go after she wakes up in the morning, takes a shower, has breakfast and gets dressed? She goes to a place where she can tug and suck cock. And fuck, too. Because Rachel is a porn star. Rachel, who turned 50 last October, has been a porn star since shortly after she visited our studio for the first time in 2006. Originally from Maine, now living in Tampa, Florida, Rachel recalled, "It all started with a sexy picture by the pool that a friend...

Starring: Rachel Steele
Duration: 16:07 mins.