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Jacking you off is their ultimate pleasure!
These are the women of MILFTugs... proving once again that older is better. Choose from your favorites or check out every one of these mature hotties. They're always right here to serve you!
"I walk a lot. I love to hike and I love to beach comb. I love to go boating, jetskiing, fishing. Don't even think you can outfish me!" So says Desire Collins, a 54-year-old divorcee from Arizona whose fishing skills are not what we're concentrating on here (although we admire the view of her ass when she's fishing something out of the nightstand and we like how she uses her hands and mouth to fish Carlos's cock out of his pants). For a first-timer, Desire has impressive cock-suckin...

Starring: Desire Collins
Duration: 17:21 mins.

"I'm orally fixated," said 41-year-old divorcee Stacie Starr. "I love to suck cock. I enjoy light bondage and hair-pulling. I love having my ass spanked. I love choking on cock." Stacie gets to do plenty of that in this scene, which opens with her knocking on the door of a stall in the men's bathroom. "What are you doing in the guy's bathroom?" the dude asks. Just what we were thinking! "I'm looking for a guy," Stacie says. Hey, why not go right to the source? "I wanted ...

Starring: Stacie Starr
Duration: 14:09 mins.

The video version of this tug 'n' suck begins with Nicky White saying the magic words, the words all men want to hear. "Oh, baby, sit back and relax and let me play with your cock." And then she says, "I can't wait to get that dick out and play with it." And, really, what more do you need to know? She jacks the cock and sucks it, and after it cums, she sucks it clean. Okay, so maybe you would like to know a little more. Maybe you'd like to know that Nicky is a 51-year-ol...

Starring: Nicky White
Duration: 15:59 mins.