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These are the women of MILFTugs... proving once again that older is better. Choose from your favorites or check out every one of these mature hotties. They're always right here to serve you!
In this video, 50-year-old Cassidy proves once again why we love mature women. When the scene opens, Cassidy's DD-cup tits are spilling out of her bikini top (Cassidy is 4'11", which means she's short and stacked). She tells her guy that she wants to take care of him. Note that she doesn't ask him to take care of her. Like most mature women, she's unselfish in that way. "I'll do anything you want, baby," Cassidy says. Also note that she doesn't ask him if he wants her to lick his...

Starring: Cassidy
Duration: 15:46 mins.

"I'm a homebody, and my family is extremely important to me," said Cami Cline, a 41-year-old divorcee and mom who was born in Iowa and now lives in Florida. We don't know what her family would say if they saw this scene, but they probably wouldn't be surprised that Cami's a pleaser. She says things to her stud like, "Does that feel good?" and "Do you like how I'm sucking it?" and "Do you want me to put my ass back there for you?" and "Do you want to fuck my mouth with it?" And she k...

Starring: Cami Cline
Duration: 12:18 mins.

We get a lot of horny women here at MILFTugs, and we'll let you in on a little secret: The mature women who walk through our doors aren't here for the money (although they do get paid nicely). They're here for the sex. For the cock. For the thrill of fucking well-hung strangers on-camera for all the world to see. Their living out their fantasies, but they're also getting sexually satisfied. And that makes them special because young girls? A lot of them get into porn for the money. Not ...

Starring: Heather Barron
Duration: 15:03 mins.