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Jacking you off is their ultimate pleasure!
These are the women of MILFTugs... proving once again that older is better. Choose from your favorites or check out every one of these mature hotties. They're always right here to serve you!
Busty 42-year-old MILF Sophia, dressed as she might be if you saw her out and about in a low-cut top that shows just enough cleavage to get you interested and a skirt that's short enough so that if a stiff wind blows, she might show enough to get you stiff jacks and tugs your cock in her first appearance at She also shows off her pussy "because I know a lot of guys like that" and spreads her ass while she's on all-fours and sucking cock. The whole shebang ends with the du...

Starring: Sophia Jewel
Duration: 16:23 mins.

"I used to think I liked bad boys, but I've come to the realization that I like nice guys who have a freaky side," said Destiny Williams, a 45-year-old first-timer from what she calls "Lower, Slower Delaware" (she was born outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania). "I want a guy who wants to tie me up, who likes it rough and who is confident with his sexuality and definitely someone who is not the jealous, controlling type." Hey, don't worry about the pressure of living up to Destiny's ex...

Starring: Destiny Williams
Duration: 14:56 mins.

Looking everyday sexy in a top she could just as well wear to go out shopping, along with a pair of tight jeans, 50-year-old first-timer Jenna Covelli goes deep on a hard cock and gets rewarded with an uber-messy facial for her efforts. Jenna is a divorced mother of two who was born in Oakland, California and lives in Palm Springs, and when we told her she had an L.A. face with an Oakland booty, she didn't know what we were talking about. "Is that good?" she asked. It's very good...

Starring: Jenna Covelli
Duration: 13:46 mins.