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Jacking you off is their ultimate pleasure!
These are the women of MILFTugs... proving once again that older is better. Choose from your favorites or check out every one of these mature hotties. They're always right here to serve you!
"Let's get your cock nice and hard so it's ready when I put it in my mouth," Alesia says as she kneels between your legs and strokes your cock through your jeans. "Your cock is going to feel so good in my mouth." Don't we know it! The thing is, though, that Alesia knows all about teasing a guy, so at first, she takes her time, and then when she gets his cock out, she strokes it and talks to it, and only after licking it a few times does she finally put it in her mouth. There we go! ...

Starring: Alesia Pleasure
Duration: 15:32 mins.

If you think you can talk your way into Stella Rose's panties...well, you just might be right. "I like sweet-talkers," said this 48-year-old divorcee from New York. "I'm a pushover for a man who knows how to talk to a woman. I've definitely been picked up more than a few times. One time, a guy came up to me and said, 'Where have you been all my life?' I just about melted. Five minutes later, I was sucking him off in the front seat of his car." But unlike the men she is attracted ...

Starring: Stella Rose
Duration: 14:56 mins.

In this scene, Samantha Ray, a 43-year-old first-timer from Michigan, jacks a cock and sucks it and then coaxes cum onto her pretty face. By the time this scene is over, sticky nut sauce is dripping from her eyebrows and eyelashes. Yeah, the guy missed her mouth by a little bit, but who's complaining? Not Samantha, that's for sure. But before that happens, Samantha, who's wearing a sexy bra and panties and has her tits out from the get-go, lies back, spreads her legs and gets her pu...

Starring: Samantha Ray
Duration: 15:54 mins.